6 Awesome Weed Tattoo Ideas

6 Awesome Weed Tattoo Ideas

Awesome Weed Tattoo Ideas

Thinking about getting a tattoo soon? We have all the weed inspiration you need. You could always get Laser Tattoo Removal if you get too high and get something you regret.

6. High Minion

High Minion Tattoo

We seriously love this tattoo. What better way to show your inner child combined with your love for pot. Getting minions high would be way more fun to watch.









5. Classic Weed Leaf

Hot Girl Weed TattooClassic retro look that will never go out of style. She picked a sweet location for the weed leaf too. Wouldn’t you want your girlfriend to have something like this?








4. Tribal Weed Leaf

Best Weed Tattoo Nice tribal switch up with the weed leaf. Notice the seashells, planets and mushroom consciousness all intertwined? A lot going on here but it blends very well. Super sexy location too.



3. Detailed Weed Leaf


Green Leaf Marijuana Tattoo


A pragmatic design. Easy to incorporate into a sleeve or any other tattoo pattern consisting of greenery.








2. High Bob Marley Tattoo

Bob Marley Weed Tattoo


What are weed tattoos without Bob Marley? This traditional take will get your inner reggae flowing every time you spark up a joint.








1. The Permanent Roach

Best Weed TattooHow many times would you grab for this roach when high? The detail on this is amazing for such a small piece. You could probably trick your mind into thinking you’re actually smoking a joint it looks so real.








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