The Productivity of Cannabis

Boosting Productivity

The Productivity of Cannabis

The media has created a negative stigma of stoners and their work ethic over the past half century. Stoners are lazy, uncivilized and a detriment to society according to media stigma and bias. The campaigns of the Nixon era still fester in the mind of the older adult population. They view cannabis as unproductive and damaging to the human mind when it can actually supercharge your productivity.

Today many business owners, employees, and politicians are trying to break this stigma of the negative connotations of marijuana. This medicinal drug can be used to unlock creativity, solve problems, and achieve new standards of work.

However, using the right strain and type of weed is critical to the task you are trying to complete. Completing a lot of mundane tasks can kill your drive and work ethic. For work like this try using Sativa to energize your mind and body to check everything off that to-do list.

For more complex problems that require a lot of thinking (creating business models, curing writers block, and planning logistics) try using an Indica strain. This type of weed will help you relax and think more critically and creatively about the work you are doing.

Using marijuana in your daily life can really help you to become more productive and creative with any task you work on. Combining the right type of cannabis with other productivity techniques can super charge your productivity to previously unforeseen levels.


The Pomodoro

How to Use The Pomodoro

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Ever feel like you get mentally tired working on a task for longer then an hour? That loss of focus and concentration can really impact your productivity and decrease your output. Using the Pomodoro technique can help you to be sharp and on the ball for every task you work on. So how does this technique work?

The Pomodoro works by separating your work segments into 25 minute blocks with 5 minute periods of rest. This smaller work segments make up a larger work segment of 120 minutes.

Sound confusing? It is very easy to implement with the use of a timer.

For example, lets say you are crunching some numbers at work. You would start a timer for 25 minutes then take a 5 minute break. You repeat this process 4 times before taking a 15 minute break before starting the whole process over again.

During your breaks don’t scour over Facebook or start reading online articles. Your brain perceives these mental tasks as work and won’t help your mind to recover. You could go for a mini walk, have a quick mediation or even fit in a quick snack. Essentially try to do nothing for those 5 minutes to allow your mind to re-focus for your next 25 minute segment.

You will soon find that your mind becomes razor sharp during the 25 minute blocks of work and you become more productive. The 5 minute break creates a mini goal for you to work towards and increases your drive to accomplish tasks.


Lifestyle Hacks for Productivity

Lifetstyle Hack: Meditation

Combine the Pomodoro with the right type of Cannabis and you will find yourself having a lot more time to yourself. You can now get the same amount of work done in a much smaller unit of time. This will free up time for the gym, cooking healthy meals, meditating, that all in return make you more productive in life.

Mediation is one of the greatest life hacks you can incorporate into your life. Devoting 5-10 minutes a day to sitting quietly and focusing on your breathe can help you to clear your mind and become more focused. Using mediation as your 5 minute break tool during a pomodoro can be insanely powerful to increase your concentration on the task at hand. Sub-consciously during meditation you will create solutions to your problems that will manifest when you are working.

Simply sit in your chair, close your eyes and focus on the breathe coming in and out of your body. Be aware of the thoughts that you have during this time and anchor your awareness to your breathing. Every time you notice your mind drift away to a different topic, bring your awareness back to breath. This practice can really help you to sort your thoughts while you are working and keep you from getting distracted.

Overall, becoming productive starts with you! The more focus you give to the functioning of your mind and body the more rewards you will reap for your efforts. Show the world that stoners can be productive and successful, this will only lead to good publicly for the Cannabis industry.

Boost your productivity today, smoke some weed.