Float Tank Benefits

Top 10 Reasons You Need to Try a Float Tank

Getting ready to go into your first float you will feel anxious, excited and apprehensive all at once. Depending on what type of tank you use, the alignment, look and feel will be completely different. The whole idea of being locked in a tank can be terrifying for some but once you submerge yourself it will be one of the greatest decisions of you’re life. Here’s why:

10. Re-aligns your posture

The first thing you notice when you become submerged in a float tank are the tension points in your body. For most this will be in the upper back, shoulders, and neck, where we carry the most stress in our lives. Floating allows your body to re-align naturally as you have no gravity acting against the spine. Don’t fight too hard to relieve these pressure points, allow them to dissolve naturally through breathe and relaxation

9. Increase Magnesium and Sulfate Absorption

The high levels of Epsom salts in the float tank are what allows you to float and they contain high amounts of Magnesium and Sulfate. Both these substances are more easily absorbed through the skin then then digestive tract, making a float the ideal place to get some intake.

Magnesium is one of the biggest nutritional deficiencies being experienced today and regulates more then 325 of your bodies enzymes. Sulfates can assist in resolving headaches and help the body to absorb more nutrients.

8. Increases Creativity

Removing your mind from all sensory input clears all thoughts inhibiting your creativity. That dispute you had with a friend or partner, or what you have to accomplish in the day fade away and become less important. This allows the mind to recharge and delve into the sub-conscious to unlock your creative juices.

7. Relieves Anxiety

Every day we are bombarded by input. Noise, smell, advertisements, the brain never has a chance to relax and this is what contributes to anxiety. Allowing the brain to disconnect is very important for reducing stress and releasing those harmful thoughts. The magnesium intake also helps battle depression because it is depleted during times of stress.

6. Exfoliates your skin

The 800ilb of Epsom Salts in the water is great for exfoliating and cleansing the skin. You will come out rejuvenated and your skin glowing. All those excess skin cells be gone!

5. Weed & Floating are like PB&J

Getting high for a float is amazing. The combination of the high from weed and the elevation you receive from sensory deprivation are a 1-2 combo that will leave you feeling refreshed, invigorated, and mentally recharged for life.

4. Improves Muscle Recovery

Many athletes use float tanks to increase the muscle recovery process. While floating, gravity pressures are removed from the muscles and joints allowing the entire body is placed in a state of high physical relaxation. Top athletes such as Tom Brady and Steph Curry have been using this technology for years to mentally and physically recover from games.

3. Helps you Sleep

Reverting from all sensory input will activate theta waves within your brain. These are the same brain waves that are activated during sleep to bring you to REM sleep.  When it comes to sleep time, your mind is more relaxed and not running a mile per minute thinking of everything you did today and what you will be doing tomorrow. Cleansing your thoughts during the float will help negate this constant insomniac thought pattern that occurs nightly for many of us.

2. Teaches you Meditation

What better way to learn meditation then through the use of a float tank? You have no input to distract your practice and your breathe is the only input that you can hear and become of aware of. This is immensely powerful for meditation as the foundation is focus on the breath and absence of thoughts. Meditation is one of the best things you can do daily for your body.

1. Achieve Higher Levels of Consciousness

Watch this video on Joe Rogan talking about his experience in a float tank. His experiences with floating are very similar to what others have encountered. You reach a new level of consciousness where you become more aware of our spiritual connection to the universe. One theory is that since our nervous system functions on electrical currents, when immersed in water and salt we conduct more electrical currents that circumvent the Earth and Universe. We literally become more connected to the world through floating.