Healthy Edible Recipe

Christmas Weed Cookies
Weed Cookies

Healthy Edible Recipe

Christmas Edibles

Christmas is coming and Santa would like nothing better then to eat an edible with his milk. Edibles are also a great alternative to getting stoned for Christmas without having to smoke up with the family around.


Coconut OIlWhy Coconut Oil for Edibles?

Coconut oil makes the most potent and healthiest cannabis oil. THC is a fat-soluble compound so it bonds more readily to fat molecules. Coconut oil has high saturated fat content (90%) compared to butter (60%). This gives coconut oil more bonding points to absorb THC, Terpenes, and Cannabioids, all necessary for a good medicated edible.

How to Make Coconut Weed Oil?

Coconut Edible Oil


Finely grind your weed before placing in the crockpot. For a more energetic uplifting high use Sativa strains of weed. Use a coffee grinder as an ounce or more of weed will bung up your hand grinder.

*See Weed-Oil Ratio chart below for amount of weed to use.

Use a crockpot under low heat setting and let simmer for 18-24 hours. This allows for maximum extraction of the THC into the coconut oil. Add 1 cup of water for every 1.5 cups of oil to the mixture. This will help with the filtering process because water and oils do not mix.



Weed Oil Ratio

Coconut Oil Weed Quality Amount of Weed
1.5 cups (350mL) High (OG) 15g
1.5 cups (350mL) Mid (Sour Diesel) 20g
1.5 cups (350mL) Low (Shake) 25g


Filtering Weed Oil

Filtering Weed OilAfter the oil is done simmering on a low setting for 18-24 hours it is time to filter out the shake from the oil.

Metal pasta strainers works quite well if they are fine enough. You can also use paper coffee filters or the filter from your coffee machine. Essentially anything that will separate the grounds from the oil.

Once you have strained your oil let it cool and place in fridge to solidify. You will see the water and oil separate once the mixture cools down. Now you have coconut canna oil that you can use for almost anything:


Weed Coffee

Marijuana Body Lotions

Cannabis Cooking Oil

Below is a great recipe for traditional cookies. With the coconut oil you can add it to any of your favourite recipes to make anything weed infused.


Cookie Ingredients



½ cup of almond butter

½ cup maple syrupWeed Cookies

50mL Coconut Canna Oil (Softened not hot)

½ teaspoon pure vanilla extract



½ cup of oats

1/3 cup of oat flour

¼ cup almond flour

½ teaspoon baking soda

½ teaspoon salt

As much chocolate as you want*

Edible Recipe

  1. Pre-heat oven to 350F.
  2. Stir together all wet ingredients in large bowl
  3. Stir dry ingredients one by one into the wet mixture. (*Dough will be oily*)
  4. Add you meteorite shower of chocolate to the mixture
  5. Scoop the cookie dough onto a large baking sheet with parchment paper.
  6. Separate cookies into even consistency and size. (Keeps the high consistent!)
  7. Bake cookies for approximately 10 minutes,
  8. Let them cool for 15-20 minutes.
  9. Test them out!

*Don’t eat too many, normally one cookie with this recipe is enough to get you super baked. The high can take between 90-120 minutes to kick in with edibles as the THC is digested and spread throughout the blood stream.


Best Edible Uses

  • Need a body boost to get you through the morning?
  • Extra help at the gym
  • Obtaining Zen with yoga or meditation
  • Making lectures entertaining
  • Increasing creativity during work
  • Fuelling passion for new activities and interests

Edibles are socially acceptable everywhere since people think you’re just eating a cookie!


Send us pictures of your Holiday Edibles!

Make sure to send us pictures of your Holiday edibles this year. We would love to show the social world the great cookies you’ve been baking.

Edible Cookies