Learning Language High

Learning Language High

Why Use Drugs For Language

Thought provoking drugs such as marijuana, psilocybin, and LSD have anecdotally shown positive effects on learning language. Speaking a second language as an adult is not easy, we have become habituated to the way our native language works. Languages have varying rules and mechanisms that can be better understood through the use of drugs.

Speaking a foreign language is one of the best feelings of accomplishment. It also opens the door to many tremendous jobs. French is your only way of passage for Canadian governmental work and Spanish is key for business in many emerging South American markets.



Starting Off

You must first set the intention of learning a language before you take any capacity increasing drugs. Setting the intention is key to help you keep focused during your language session.

I recommended having some background on your foreign language before jumping in high. It is good to have a base to work from and manipulate the meaning of words you already know.

Have some material ready to read, watch, or listen. Books, shows, or real conversation are great resources to get you moving in the right direction.

Drugs help you to be less judgmental on yourself and accept mistakes as a natural learning process. This restores the child like approach to learning where everything is novel and fascinating.


Child Like Thoughts

Becoming child like again in thought patterns and imagination helps you to “play” with language. You start to make associative memory markers in your mind for each word like a child exploring new objects. The use of drugs allows foreign language to be seen from a new perspective with no previous bias.

Children have the neural capacity to learn language better then adults because they still have open neural connections. Age and structure has diminished our ability to create new neural connections. Drugs create a more malleable brain that allows new memories to be grounded more easily.

We had no rules as children when it came to language. However, the memory markers we made then still sub-consciously anchor our language patterns today. Removing the anchor with drugs will allow you to sail in a different linguistic direction.Neural Connection


Perfecting the Art

Being high works best if you are in the presence of a native speaker/country of the language you are trying to learn. When high you can better detect the little facial features associated with speech patterns. These pairings allow you to develop memory markers for speaking and understanding language.

You will not learn a new language over night using drugs. They don’t make the studying any easier but they help you to become more imaginative in study.

Immerse yourself in a native country, get really high, become studious in language, and before you know it you’ll be fluent.Body Language




  • Kevin Gaudette

    RE: Marijuana and Foreign Language Learning…in Colorado/wherever legal…has anyone heard of (1)schools with an awareness of the value of altered state of mind via marijuana? (2) University/etc. research in this area?

  • Kevin Gaudette

    Is anyone aware of Investors who may be interested in such a project, based in Evergreen, Colo? We have the China connection, for sure. Carefully-selected folks.