Top 10 Places to Smoke Weed in the World

Medellin Weed

Top 10 Places to Smoke Weed in the World

Best Places to Smoke Weed in The World


10. El Penol, Medellin, Colombia 

On the outskirts of Medellin you will find yourself immersed in the Colombian countryside. The lakes are surrounded with many different inlets and you can take boat tours around the lakes. The tour guides are really chill and they won’t bat an eyelid when you go to spark up your joint. Just imagine being stoned boating around the lakes that Pablo Escobar used to own.

Note: Getting your weed in Medellin is super easy. The most popular place to stay, Parque Lleras is littered with many different concession vendors who look like they are selling smokes and candy. Ask one of them for some weed and you’re good to go for the trip.

Medellin Weed

9. Belfast Ferry Port, Northern Ireland

You have to smoke this joint at night with ships rolling in from all over the world. There’s something really meditative and calming about watching ships coming and going all night into one of Britain’s most bustling ports. The British/Irish aren’t too receptive or open about their weed policies so make sure you’re a little more discreet about it.


Belfast Weed Spot


8. Sydney Opera House, Australia

This is an all time classic. You have to go to the Botanic Gardens behind the Opera House to light one up because there’s just too many people and tourists hanging around the entrance. Having a joint in front one of the most iconic buildings in the world is just a super cool experience that you have to try once in your life.Sydney Opera House Weed


7. Arthurs Pass, Christchurch, New Zealand

About 2 hours from Christchurch you’ll find yourself hidden within Arthur’s Pass. This is a quaint little village with so many trails that you could spend a month there and not even trek them all. The best place to smoke a joint here is overlooking the “Devil’s Punchbowl” waterfall about 30 mins away from the village. Listening to the water crash off the rocks is a surreal experience heightened by the effects of your joint. You almost feel one with the waterfall and begin to follow its every drop.


Weed Waterfall


6. Amsterdam Canals, Netherlands

You can’t go to Amsterdam and not smoke a joint on the canals. There’s a special ambiance about the city that you only feel when high. I would recommend going to the South-West of the city near the Olympic stadium as you can enjoy your time and scenery without some American asking you where to find weed every 10 minutes… It’s Amsterdam man, c’mon!


Amsterdam Weed Spot

5. Rock of Gibraltar

The closest point to Africa from Europe. You can literally see Morocco and Spain in the same view. It is quite the trek to the top, (DON’T TAKE THE LIFT) this just ruins the experience. Save your weed/hash until you reach the summit, you won’t regret it. Oh and did I mention the Monkey’s?

Note: You have to cross a border to get into Gibraltar so getting weed in can be quite difficult. If you or a friend smoke rolled cigarettes put some hash in your tobacco pouch and you’ll be good to go. You’ll have difficulty finding it at the top!

Gibraltar Weed Spot


4. Mana Island, Fiji

One of the most relaxing places on Earth. Here you’ll be on Fiji time, which means there is no time. If you’re told to catch your boat for 8am, it may not leave till 10 or 11am. Hence when you smoke a joint here you think that time has stopped all together.


Fiji Weed Spot


3. Victoria B.C, Canada

How could you leave the weed capital of Canada off the list? There’s not just one place to smoke a joint here but the whole city is at your will. Find a park, grab a friend and enjoy all the sights and sounds Victoria has to offer.


Victoria Weed Spot

2. Cadiz Beach, Andalucía, Spain.

What could possibly be better then a massive weed party? Every August in Cadiz, Playa Victoria is packed with thousands of Spaniards who know how to party. There are joints being lit up everywhere, BBQ’s for the munchies, and enough booze and music to keep you going till sunrise.

Cadiz Weed Party


1. Toronto Snake Island, Ontario, Canada

Where better to enjoy a joint then in the comfort of your own city? Not much can compete with the CN Tower and the skyline of Toronto in its full majestic view. I’m sure you all have your own special spot in the 6ix to light one up but this iconic view is something you’ll love when stoned. Weed The North, Weed Up Canada!

Toronto from Snake Island

Toronto from Snake Island




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